Sunday, November 23, 2014
T. J. Johnson and Associates

Gifts by Monet is proud to introduce the newest addition to our family, "T. J. Johnson and Associates".  Johnson and Associates has been selected as our product research division.  Their primary purpose is to analyze cross-sections of demographic consumer data and evaluate the opinions provided by a select consumer test group.

Johnson and Associates has become an integral part of our marketing efforts by distinguishing  the products and services to which consumers will most readily respond.

This addition to our family is just another effort on our part to provide your company with the best consumer research and marketing available.

Product Evaluation and Marketing

Gifts by Monet is well versed and experienced in the evaluation and marketability of new consumer products.  We offer an all encompassing range of services to ensure that your product marketing will be successful.

Demographic Assessment

Placing your marketing budget and advertising in front of the correct demographic audience is essential to success.   Gifts by Monet constantly compiles and evaluates extraneous consumer data to determine what universal sub-sets will be most receptive to your offer.

Sub-Set Selection

Gifts by Monet will aid your company in the selection of the primary sub-sets that you feel will be the most responsive to your product.  In addition to the selected sub-sets, it is recommended that you select at least four sub-sets from the remainder of the consumer universe.

Consumer Product Evaluation

Once our demographic assessment is complete and we have selected sub-sets for testing, our product research division, T. J. Johnson and Associates is able to provide consumer feedback on your product from a broad cross-section of the selected data sub-sets.

Our Industries

Gifts by Monet is happy to serve the marketing and research efforts of the following industries:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Vacation Clubs
  • Resort Developers
  • Direct Mail Marketers
  • Technology Companies

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